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Animators Success Stories

We have had the honor to contribute to the success of many talented artists from around the world. Combining their hard work with our talented professional instructors, they have contributed to making iAnimate the number one place to learn character animation. See what they have to say about our program and view their reels.

Shawn Martins

3D Animator
Join Shawn Martins as he shares his journey at iAnimate, seeking artistic growth and fun-filled challenges. Dive into his testimonial today! “I've improved greatly as an actor and have delivered some performances that I'm incredibly proud of.”

Katharine Robinson

3D Animator
“iAnimate helped me understand the importance of feedback and working as a collective.”

Jean Nguyen

3D Animator
“I saw many students' works that looked so good and motivated me to join iAnimate to get better”

Lee Cook

3D Animator
“iAnimate helped me…The feature workshop pushed my skills to a level where I was employable.”

Nataliia Karhapoltseva

3D Animator
"Body mechanics knowledge from WS3 helps me to create more believable animation for game cycles and cinematics."

Nicholas Cooley

3D Animator
"iAnimate refreshed my skills in Body Mechanics - creating convincing physical motion - accurately depicting weight, balance, inertia, and momentum - and forming strong, dynamic poses."

Nicholas Cooley

3D Animator
"After college, I felt like I wasn't where I wanted to be animation-wise. I knew I wasn't career-ready and wanted a stronger skill set. I reached out to a professor of mine, and he recommended IAnimate over the others."

Fotios Eleftheriadis

Character Animator at Bungie
"The reel that I created with my work from iAnimate was able to land me a job at Bungie! My first job in the industry and at such a great studio, truly a dream come true."

Tamara Khrystenko

3D Animator
"I ended up being well-rounded and ready for a job as an animator. And I did get a job halfway through the course. And changed it to my dream job in a couple of years :)"

Sophie Richer

3D Animator
"After my classes at iAnimate, I finally got an internship at MPC, which gave me a job after that as a junior animator. I would not have achieved it without the teachings of my instructors at iAnimate."

Genemart Adrenal

3D Animator
"It was awesome! I am so grateful that I chose iAnimate. I can learn so much about feature film workflow, working efficiency, acting, and many more. There are also a lot of recording from the previous workshop, from different instructors that I can learn from them as well."

Harry Evans IV

3D Animator
"I had a great experience learning from instructors… I feel that all the Workshops I have taken have been a tremendous help in my improvement and understanding of animation."

Dusty Smith

Animator at MAKE design studio
"My experience was great! I have learned a ton. They let us figure things out and give a great mix of guidance and workflow along the way."

Bryn Richards

Animator at Traveler's Tales
"My experience was excellent! I feel like I have really learned a lot and boosted my skills and confidence. I definitely feel that the workshop was worth it! Especially considering the vault, all of the rigs, and other resources."

Jose Muñoz

Freelance Animator at Agora Studio
“The biggest takeaway besides learning from pros, lectures, demos, etc., is being in what feels like a professional collaborative environment during reviews. Every instructor in iAnimate is different, but getting live feedback and interaction during reviews among your peers helps you grow and lea...

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