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Commonly Asked Questions

About iAnimate

​Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we've received throughout the years. If you can't find the answer you're looking for or have something specific to ask, please contact us via the button below.

1. What is the purpose of the workshops?

The sole purpose of the iAnimate workshops is to train animators to be better prepared to meet the needs of the industry and get better jobs. The days when studios gave on the job training are long gone. To get one of the better jobs in the feature animation industry you must be able to produce feature quality animation and this is the place to learn how to do it.

2. What does each workshop consist of?

The workshops are designed to be a full set of workshops to both educate and challenge each animator. As the exercises get more complex, we add to what you have learned previously and challenge you further.

3. What about tuition grants?

iAnimate is proud to be part of the Animation Guild Training Program. In an effort to help improve Guild members animation skills, the Guild will partially reimburse artists who take our workshops. This currently only applies to IATSE Local 839 members. Any iAnimate student who wishes to learn about the available CSATTF tuition reimbursement options should be directed to the Grant Application page of our website ( Ultimately, each student will have to fill out a CSATTF application to be approved to take up to three classes at a time for reimbursement. The application has a cover letter that explains the process to receive approval. Finally, anyone with questions is free to message Steven Kaplan (skaplan at He’ll be glad to work with our members to get the CSATTF approval.

4. Do the animators get a discount license of Autodesk's Maya?

iAnimate is an Autodesk Authorized Training Center. That means our students are eligible to Autodesk's Maya for educational purposes. Maya is used through out the industry for character animation and is what is used during our workshops.

5. Why should I choose iAnimate?
  • All our instructors are top professional animators
  • Get personal live 1 on 1 time with instructors
  • Over 60 professional quality rigs for you to use
  • Live Online classes are also Recorded so you can watch them any time.
  • Thousands of hours of training videos at your fingertips
  • Flexible Schedules and Payment Options
  • Alumni, those who have completed one of our animation paths (Feature, Games, or Creatures) are granted life time access to the student section.
6. Life-time access for Alumni

Our Alumni/Graduates, those who have completed all the way through one of our animation paths (i.e. Feature, Games, or Creatures) are granted life-time access to the student section. This means access to all of the lectures of the animation path they are and alumni for, current Jason Ryan live weekly demos, and our latest character rigs!

7. How do you know where each animator should be placed?

Based on what we see in your demo reel we will recommend which specific workshop you should start on to refine your current animation skills.

8. Can I skip lessons?

Each animator wishing to skip workshops will have to submit a reel for review via online host like Vimeo, YouTube or personal blog. Then we will review your skill level and determine which workshop you can skip.

9. Are the reviews recorded?

Yes all the reviews are recorded live. This means that you will be able to interact with your instructor and tell him what stage you are at with your shots. You can also ask questions about any direction notes that you are given. Animators living abroad, that may not be able to attend the scheduled review sessions, can email the instructor some information about their performances so that the instructor can give informed notes to help move the shots forward.

10. Are the lessons only offered online and will I need a high speed internet connection?

Yes to both questions, this enables us to bring you the best animation training to your home instantly but you will need a decent connection to attend the live sessions.

11. How many reviews do I get per week?

Each animator will receive one review by the iAnimate instructor per week. Each exercise requires a minimum of two reviews for the first two workshops, as the exercise get more complex they will increase to have between three to seven review sessions. This will really help to polish your shots to give you a feature quality showreel. Each instructor is passionate about giving constructive reviews, to build on your individual ideas and to help bring your concepts to a feature quality standard.

12. Will there be work flow webinars to help us through our exercises?

Yes, every week, there will be live work flow webinars were everyone will join together to see how professionals approach the exercises on hand. There is nothing worse than letting an animator wallow in self doubt about how to approach an assignment. Animation is mostly imagination and then technique and work flow to bring your concepts to the screen.

13. Will we be able to ask the instructors questions every week?

Yes, every week there will be a live and recorded QA session with your instructor and you will be able to access other instructors QA and review sessions too for extra inspiration.

14. Will there be fully rigged characters to use in our exercises?

Yes, have some amazing characters that rival most feature quality rigs that we use today and plan to add more characters as we go. Check out our Characters page to view some of our rigs.

15. Will there be a forum?

We have an online community space where animators can get together to critique each others work before submitting their shots for Instructor review. We will also have community animators available to answer any questions you have regarding the current topics.

16. How do I apply for acceptance and how can I pay?

You can apply by visiting the APPLY page and selecting the workshop type. You may pay by check, money order, or credit card. E-mail Kent through the contact form on the 'Contact' tab in the main menu for further details. When enrollment is open you'll fill out the required information where your reel (Youtube or Vimeo links) will be evaluated to determine which Workshop would be most advantageous for you growth here at

17. Deadlines for Application & Registration

The deadline to apply or to register is the last day of the month before the semester starts.

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