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Student Testimonial - Adam Moder

"iAnimate refreshed my skills in Body Mechanics - creating convincing physical motion - accurately depicting weight, balance, inertia, and momentum - and forming strong, dynamic poses."

“Great insights into animation fundamentals for Body Mechanics and Performance. I'm a teacher but also a lifelong student in animation - I love the process and am always seeking to refine my skills. The teachers at iAnimate are industry experienced with a wealth of knowledge to impart. There's a supportive community and heaps of great resources - including some cool rigs!’

“I had awesome instructors at iAnimate - very experienced in both game and feature animation. Their broad knowledge of animation history, trends, and practice is supported by hands-on practical tips and techniques to help make the process faster and more effective. The advice and direction my instructors gave in reviews were always focused and relevant.”

Adam Moder is an animator and educator from Melbourne, Australia. He loves cartoony, exaggerated styles as well as realistic creature animation for VFX. He has a background in animated TV series and game development.

Adam took the following Feature Student Workshop at iAnimate with the instructors:

Adam's Student Reel

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