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Animators Success Stories

We have had the honor to contribute to the success of many talented artists from around the world. Combining their hard work with our talented professional instructors, they have contributed to making iAnimate the number one place to learn character animation. See what they have to say about our program and view their reels.

Juan Diego

3D Animator
After years focused on the gaming industry, I felt the need to go further in the level of subtlety and polish of my work. I wanted to make the jump from games to animation feature films, but my reel was missing some decent acting pieces!

Marcel Pontes

"I chose iAnimate, because of the instructors, rigs, school structure, and the community seemed to be a step up in relation to the other online schools. I enrolled in the Games Animation program, because I'm a hardcore gamer and passionate for games! I want to break into the game animation indust...

Andrew Tran

What an amazing program to be apart of, this is the most comprehensive learning experience you will get on the market. It wasn't just an education, it was about setting yourself an expectation of what to reach at the end of the 14th week program and being able to reach that goal with the help of ...

Stefan Iverson

3D Animator
One thing that I really enjoyed was getting to know my fellow classmates and exchanging ideas with them every week in the chat room.

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