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Animation Student Testimonial - Jean Nguyen

“I saw many students' works that looked so good and motivated me to join iAnimate to get better”

Why did you decide to enroll in iAnimate?

Jean: “Right after I graduated from a 4-year college, I felt my demo reel and animation skills weren't good enough to get my first job at a gaming studio so I found iAnimate. I was very attracted to the rigs they provided which till today, I still use. I also saw so many students' works that looked so good and motivated me to join iAnimate to get better. I wanted my work to be shown like that one day and motivate others as it did for me.”

What did you learn at iAnimate that helps you stand out as an artist?

Jean: “Most of my work is for gameplay animation so the most important thing that I learned from iAnimate is how the animation feels. The game is for the players so it is very important that everything feels amazing and is responsive. Players should be able to read what is going on so having a strong pose, distinguished silhouette in enemies, big contrast changes between moves, and timing in animation can help push it to feel amazing for the player.”

How did iAnimate help you to evolve your animation skills as a character animator?

Jean: “What made me evolve as an animator after iAnimate is learning what makes a great animation for video games. I also learned what it is like day to day for an animator at a game studio which made me prepared once I got hired. Another important thing I've learned is that communication between your team and co-workers is very important so any questions no matter how small or silly they might sound should be asked. Great animations for games take teamwork from every discipline so don't be shy.”

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