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Photoshop & After Effects

Master Visual Arts with Photoshop and After Effects Workshop

Unlock the full potential of digital artistry! Explore Photoshop, the industry standard for image manipulation, and seamlessly transition those skills to After Effects, the go-to for post-production compositing. Discover the synergy between these tools, empowering your creative journey. Perfect for enhancing iAnimate classes and elevating your craft.


11 week access to:

  • Live & Recorded Classes
  • Extra Lectures by Jason Ryan, Director at CineSite.
  • Additional recorded lectures on Modeling, Lighting, and more.
  • Feature Rigs

Why This Animation Course?

Unleash your digital art superpowers! From mastering image manipulation to creating stunning Special Effects, this 11-week journey transforms your skills. Seamlessly transition between Photoshop and After Effects, discovering their dynamic synergy. Perfect for aspiring digital artists, it complements other iAnimate workshops, ensuring you're a versatile creative force.

Become a 3D Character Animator

  1. Unlock Versatility: Master Photoshop for storyboarding, texturing, and HDR magic, seamlessly transitioning skills to After Effects for dynamic animations.
  2. Time-Efficient Mastery: After Effects streamlines 3D/2D compositing, animation, and special effects, saving precious time compared to traditional methods.
  3. Perfect Pairing: Sync seamlessly with iAnimate's other workshops, enhancing your digital art prowess for Maya, pre-visualization, lighting, and gaming animation.

Week-by-Week Topic

  • Week 1 - Storyboarding & Planning a Shot
  • Week 2 - Digital Painting for Backgrounds and Matte Paintings
  • Week 3 - Image Manipulation
  • Week 4 - How a Still and Video Camera Work
  • Week 5 - Introduction to Compositing Video
  • Week 6 - Creating a Performance for Reference Video
  • Week 7 - Creating a 'Live Action Shot' using 3D and Green Screen Footage
  • Week 8 - Creating a Live Action shot Using Still Images
  • Week 9 - Creating Believable SFX in Live Action Shots
  • Week 10 - Creating a Demo Reel for Game and Feature Animation
  • Week 11 - Camera Tracking for 3D using Live Action Background Plates

Workshop Instructor

Sean Callan is a Certified Autodesk Maya Instructor

Next Workshops start July 1, 2024

Price Per Workshop: $999

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