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Photoshop and After Effects Workshop

One Workshop - 11 Weeks

Photoshop is the industry standard for image manipulation and digital art and is a part of every single production pipeline. From storyboarding to texturing in pre-production, to creating textures and HDR images for lighting, or compositing final rendered stills, using Photoshop is an essential skill for all digital artists.

After Effects is the most widely used post-production application for compositing 3D and 2D footage. It can animate assets and is used to create Special Effects and make changes that would be more time-consuming in traditional 3D applications. It is also a very useful tool for preparing image sequences for reference within Maya for animation.

These two applications have more similarities than differences, and what you know about one of these applications can easily be applied to the other. During the first 5 weeks, we will learn the ins and outs of Photoshop and then translate those compositing and editing skills to After Effects for the following 5 classes, as well as explore some of the unique tools that make After Effects such a powerful tool. This class is the perfect workshop to pair with other iAnimate classes such as Maya Modeling & More Workshop, Pre-Visualization Workshop, Lighting and Compositing Workshop, and the Feature and Gaming Animation Workshops.

PhotoShop & After Effects Workshop

PhotoShop & After Effects Workshop

Our qualified instructor will share their experience and knowledge on a weekly basis with the students, making sure the fundamentals of Photoshop and After Effects are well understood. This workshop will include Weekly lectures with 5 Photoshop and 5 After Effect Assignments. upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Work with Layers, Color and Alpha Channels in PS and AE (PhotoShop and After Effects)
  • Create Text, Fonts and use the Paragraph tools for creating Credits and Titles
  • Create Virtual Sets and Matte Paintings
  • Create HDR panoramic images used for Image based Lighting
  • Import and work with Camera RAW images
  • Perform basic and advanced Image Corrections, Restorations and Manipulations
  • Prepare Graphics for 2D Animation in Photoshop
  • Animate 2D Sprites using After Effects
  • Motion Stabilization and Image Tracking within After Effects
  • Create partial Systems and Special Effects
  • Create a production pipeline between Maya and After Effects
  • Export Wireframes and other render Passes from Maya to enhance their Demo Reel
  • Create a Demo Reel demonstrating all of their new skills
  • Workshop Length: 11 weeks

  • Price Per Workshop: $999

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11 Week Workshop Breakdown

Week 01 - Working with Photoshop Layers, Channels, and Transfer Modes

Week 02 - Photoshop Toolbar & Selection Tools, Custom brushes, Compositing, Creating Maya Texture Networks

Week 03 - Masking, Photo Merging, Photograph Editing,  Repair, and Retouching

Week 04 - Bit Depth, File Formats, How a Camera Works, Working with RAW and HDR Formats

Week 05 - Introduction to After Effects, Advanced Masking, Working with Render Layers from Maya

Week 06 - Creating Reference Image Sequences for animation referencing. Retiming and Blending Reference Clips

Week 07 - Working with Green Screen Footage, Sound, and Creating  Visual FX

Week 08 - Parenting, Scale vs Exponential Scale, Nulls, and Expressions

Week 09 - Motion Tracking, Set Extensions, Sky replacements, Camera and Stabilization 

Week 10 - Animating in After Effects, Graphic packages, Lower 3rd Graphics

Week 11 - Camera Solving and Exporting Nulls and Camera back to Maya for CGFX Shots

What Students Are Saying

  • Aaron McGriff
  • Anna White
  • Ed Herft
  • Colin Brown
  • Aaron McGriff

    "iAnimate was such a life-changing experience for me. After years of working in the industry but never quite reaching my full potential or career goals, I noticed that my skills had started to stagnate. I had been interested in online schools for years but the timing had never been just right."

  • Anna White

    "Six workshops and less than two years later, right at the end of my last iAnimate workshop, I was offered a job as an animator on my first feature film, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (at Sony Imageworks). I can't say enough great things about Jason Ryan and the entire iAnimate community, and I owe so much of my success to all of them."

  • Ed Herft

    "I'm really grateful to the team at iAnimate. Without their great tuition and hard work, I'm sure I would not be working in feature film now. They really helped me improve every aspect of my animation."

  • Colin Brown

    I've had multiple interviews where they ask "What game is that from?" when viewing pieces I did in classes 1 and 2. iAnimate has been a huge influence on my demoreel and my job positions recently