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Student Testimonial - Nicholas Cooley

"After college, I felt like I wasn't where I wanted to be animation-wise. I knew I wasn't career-ready and wanted a stronger skill set. I reached out to a professor of mine, and he recommended IAnimate over the others."

“iAnimate allowed me to chase my dream of animating. I now work remotely at Studio 369. I am currently working on a game called Metalcore. If I didn’t join iAnimate, I'd probably be back at the factory I was working stacking boxes.”

“Sign-up! They review your demo reel and place you based on that. After that, look for an instructor and a time that works best for you. They have many different instructors from many different backgrounds, as well as different times to fit anyone.” Nicholas said to animators who wanted to join iAnimate.

Nicholas Cooley is passionate about video gaming and wishes to focus on Animation. He currently working as an Animator at Studio 369. Nick studied at Villa Maria College in Buffalo, New York. After college, he wanted to further his animation career by taking workshops at IAnimate.

Nick actively pursuing a career in video game animation. Creative, quality-driven, and passionate about animation, he’s ready to join a team of innovators and offer his skills and drive to help make the next generation of video games."

Nicholas Cooley took the following Workshops at iAnimate:

Nicholas' Student Reel

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