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Student Testimonial - Genemart Adrenal

"It was awesome! I am so grateful that I chose iAnimate. I can learn so much about feature film workflow, working efficiency, acting, and many more. There are also a lot of recording from the previous workshop, from different instructors that I can learn from them as well."

"Those (workshop recordings and live demos) help a lot for me to grow as an animator. As an animator, I hope someday I can work in feature film production as it is my dream. Alexis Wanneroy pushes a lot. He helps a lot, from basic knowledge to the importance of detail. I am happy that the workflow my instructor taught really helps to finish shots faster, no matter what kind of shot, whether an acting shot or a body mechanic shot.

It was great and worth it. I am grateful I can grow as an artist after enrolling in iAnimate."

Genemart Adrenal is a 3D animator from Bali, Indonesia. He is currently working at Brown Bag Films Bali. Dusty chases the fascinating art of animation. He wants to work hard, help out, learn a lot and have fun! Happy to talk, and happy to help!

Genemart took the following Feature Animation Workshop at iAnimate:

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