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Online Animation Workshops

Next Workshops start July 1, 2024

Maya for Animators

Learn all the animation tools, constraints, script expressions, and core fundamentals needed as a professional animator. This is the perfect 11 week program to become proficient with Autodesk Maya, while completing animation focused projects that will ensure your success here at

Feature Animation

Our Feature program is a complete set of seven workshops. Each one is designed to teach the skills, workflows, and principals needed to succeed in this amazing industry. All of our instructors are currently producing the animation you see in many of your favorite feature films today. Our goal is to teach you how to create that great, believable animation; animation that connects with audiences around the world.

Game Animation

These workshops will present a focused study of 3D animation for the game industry and it's specific needs. They will consist of multiple live talks, demos, reviews and assignments that would resemble an actual production pipeline.

Creature Animation

These workshops will present a focused study of animal and creatures animation. Guided by veterans from the industry, these workshops consist of live lectures, assignments and reviews tailored to develop your body mechanics skills and animal behaviors knowledge.

Character Rigging

You'll learn the art and science of building a character rig as well as the development process and pipeline used in the industry. These processes are fundamental and can be applied to any production pipeline; feature animation, VFX and video game.

Motion Capture

Designed with animators in mind, this class will deliver the essential skills and provide a startup toolkit in order to hit the ground running with Motion Capture in a production environment. Fear not Motion Capture for it too can be your friend.

Blender for Animators

A complete introduction to animating in Blender which is a powerful and FREE open source 3D creation suite that supports animating for films, games and VFX. iAnimate is proud to add Blender as an option and support the animation community as major studios like Epic and Ubisoft are adopting this powerful software in their pipelines and projects.


Previsualization as an art form is growing rapidly and has become a fixture within most companies. It is a vital component of production linking the worlds of production with pre-production. Within this domain the specialist generalist reigns supreme.

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