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Animation Articles

How Much to Become an Animator: Costs and Financial Aspects

Discover the journey to become an animator and explore the costs and financial aspects. Uncover the advantages of online animation education like iAnimate.

How Much Does an Animator Make: Unlocking the Secrets

How much does an animator make? Whether you're an aspiring animator or curious about the industry, learn about salaries and what to expect in this profession.

How to Choose the Right Animation Career Path?

Unlock your animation potential with expert guidance from industry professionals at our workshops. Know how to choose the right animation career path today!

How Do I Start Learning Animation?

Start learning animation now! Discover the basics, advanced techniques, and industry insights. Build a standout demo reel and overcome challenges.

The Importance of Animation Reference: Tips and Techniques

Discover the importance of animation reference, from live-action videos to sketches, and how to use them to help you improve your skills as an animator.

Learn Animation Online: Embark on Your Animation Journey

Are you passionate about bringing characters to life through animation? Look no further! This article will excite you to learn animation online by delving into the myriad benefits of mastering this craft from the...

How to Build a Successful Career in Animation

Learn to build a successful career in animation. Discover tips for education, networking, job hunting, and more. See how iAnimate can help you reach your goals.

Animation Industry Needs Animators - What the Future Holds?

Explore the booming $394 billion animation industry! Discover in-demand animator jobs, salaries, and skills needed for success in films, VFX, and games. The animation industry is an incredibly dynamic and exci...

Unlocking Your Animation Potential

Unlock your potential! Discover the technical, creative, acting, collaborative, and business skills required to become a successful animator in the industry.

Mastering Acting for Animators: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Learn how to master acting for animation with tips and tricks from the pros. Discover why acting is crucial, and how it affects your animation.

The Power of Your Demo Reel: How It Can Make or Break Your Animation Career

Learn how to create a winning demo reel for your animation career. Tailor your reel, showcase your best work, and choose the right platform to share it.

How to Become an Animator: A Complete Guide

Discover how long it takes to become an animator with our comprehensive guide. Learn the steps, skills, and education needed to start your animation career.

How to Land Your Dream Job in Animation Studios: Recruiter's Perspective

Learn how to land your dream job in animation studios from a recruiter's perspective. Get tips on building a portfolio, resume, interview preparation, and more. Animation is a highly competitive field, and landi...

Why Pursue a Career in Animation?

Discover why pursuing a career in animation is a great choice! Explore job outlook, growth, salaries, and how iAnimate can help you become industry-ready. If you have always been drawn to the creative world of a...

Must-Take Online Animation Courses for Beginners

Discover the must-take online animation courses for aspiring animators, from animation principles to storytelling. Build a strong foundation for your career!

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