Jacob Gardner

Jacob has been working at Dreamworks Animation for over 5 years on films such as Shrek Forever After, Megamind , Puss in Boots, and Rise of the Guardians. He is co-founder of the animation website SpeakingOfAnimation.com; where he gets to ramble about things he's learned and interview those that know far more than him.

Jacob found a love for animation at an early age. As early as seven years old, when he could have been found poorly mimicking the genie in Disney's Aladdin, Jacob knew he wanted to create living and loving animated characters. While he did not attend an art school, Jacob scoured the internet for resources and eventually turned himself into an award winning animator at SIGGRAPH's FJORG (The International Iron Animator Event). Shortly after his team won 1st place in 2007, Jacob was hired at Dreamworks. He now resides at the Glendale Campus, playing foosball, eating ice cream, and occasionally animating.

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