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Sean Callan

Sean has been modeling for 15 years and has practical experience creating both hard surface and organic models for TV/film and real time simulations. He graduated with a BFA in Animation from the International Academy of Design in 2002 and is a Certified Maya Instructor who teaches at Future Media Concepts (an Autodesk certified training center). He also heads up a small collaboration of artists who create many Pilot TV show concepts from beginning to end and visualizations for various clients including Cake Mix and Hasbro Studios. By the end of this class, students will be able to create and collect reference material used to model, UV and texture: props, interior & exterior sets, vehicles, weapons, etc.

Career highlights include: Co-modeled four new Transformers 4 character car models, Reebok and new product development models & animations, Kreo Transformer Play-Set animations for in store advertisments, Chuck & Friends Pilot (Sets for pilot), Mr Potato Head products and commercials, Project leader on rigging for all Season 1 Transformer Prime charters for Hasbro Studios.

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