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Brent George

Since 1997, Brent’s career has been enriched by many corners of the animation industry. Having spent time in Commercials, Television, Film and more recently Video Games, he has gotten a pretty good taste of what animation has to offer. During his travels Brent has worked as Animator, CG Supervisor, Producer, VFX Supervisor, Character Technical Director, Animation Director and a countless number of other roles.

Most recently, Brent can be found directing a talented team of animators at WB Montreal, as well as enthusiastically imparting his knowledge onto the students at iAnimate and Dawson College’s 3D Animation and CGI program. Brent is best known for spearheading highly creative projects by assembling custom tailored teams and designing pipelines from the ground up. After which, he applies his unique flavor of collaboration and leadership in order to deliver high quality results on time and on budget.

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