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Alexis Wanneroy

Alexis is currently a Head of Character Animation at Fortiche Productions in France working on Arcane season 02. Here was also on the first season as a supervisor. Before joining Fortiche Alexis was a Supervising Animator at Dreamworks Animation Studios. He graduated top of his class from the prestigious Gobelins school in Paris, then joined Dreamworks in 2006. After working on “Flushed away”, “Bee movie” and “Kung fu panda”, due to his natural ability to develop a specific character, he quickly became the character lead animator for Fishlegs on “How to Train your Dragon” and Toothfairy on “Rise of the Guardians”. He has worked on panda 3 dragon 3, and the short bilby before leaving dreamworks in 2016. He has been heavily involved in all the pre-production development of some dreamworks movies. Alexis has been teaching at iAnimate for 10 years now.

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