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Providing The Best Online Animation Training

Next Workshops start July 1, 2024

Live Online Animation Classes

Taught by Industry Pros

Whether you want to jump-start your animation career or level it up, our wide range of workshops, taught by animators working at Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, Bungie, and other major studios, will help you reach your full potential. We opened our virtual doors in 2010 and have been helping artist from around the world reach their goals, all from the comfort of their homes.

For Students & Professionals

​​Cost Effective Learning

No fluff. We pack our workshops with the best knowledge the industry has to offer from experts in feature, creature, and game animation.

​Hands-on Experience

Create real world projects and receive consistent actionable feedback on how to improve through personalized 1:1 mentoring.

​Launch Your Career

It’s all about who you know. As a student of iAnimate, network with our incredible industry experts & graduates.

Directors & Mentors​

Learn from industry leaders, directors and animation experts. Acquire the the workflow techniuqes coming from the major studios. Personalized assignments, reviews and coaching just for you.

Own your Training

Get the animation skills you need to advance your career. Learn at your pace anywhere and anytime. Build, grow, and thrive as a professional.

Professional Demo Reel​

Standout as a professional and prove you are industry ready with an animation reel showcasing your skills and what you can bring to the team.

Join our Workshops

Maya for Animators

Have you ever wondered how those characters, sets, and props in your favorite films are created? We'll be showing you the whole process so you can learn to sculpt simple to sophisticated objects for use in your own animation shots.

​Feature Animation

Our 3D character animation course is a complete set of seven workshops. Each workshop is designed to teach the skills, workflows, and principals seen in your favorite feature films today.

Games Animator

Workshops will present a focused study of 3D animation for the game industry and it's specific needs. They will consist of multiple live talks, demos, reviews and assignments that would resemble an actual production pipeline.

More Workshops

We offer a complete set of workshops designed to target all your animation needs, and put you in direct contact with veteran animators from the biggest & best studios in our industry.

What Our Students Are Saying


"I am ready to animate characters in any given way and know how to translate the feelings from the storyboard into the shot I am given to animate."

1:1 Mentorship by the Best in the Industry

Program Comparison

Our Graduates Work at the World’s Best Studios

Learn on the Go with the Free iAnimate Podcast

Back in 2012 we decided to invade the air waves with these podcasts and since that time, we've talked with
many industry pros! We talk about animation, the industry, workflows, and wisdom through out their careers.

The Bad Guys Director

Concept Artist

Bungie Animator

Blizzard Animator

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