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Animation Podcast

Dec 11, 2012

Interview with DreamWorks Animator Alexis Wanneroy

In this our fourth podcast, we catch up with DreamWorks Supervising Animator and iAnimate instructor, Alexis Wanneroy to discuss his recent work on Rise of the Guardians. Alexis graduated top of his class from the prestigious Gobelins school in Paris, then joined Dreamworks in 2006. After working on “Flushed away”, “Bee movie” and “Kung fu panda”, due to his natural ability to develop a specific character, he quickly became the character lead animator for Fishlegs on “How to Train your Dragon” and Toothfairy on “Rise of the Guardians”.

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Show Notes
Interviewer: Larry Vasquez and Ric Arroyo
Intro/Outro song: Quand on n'a que l'amour by Jacques Brel

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