Richard Arroyo

Richard has worked in the animation industry as an animator for a little more than sixteen years which has made him an honorary member of the VES, Visual Effect Society. It has been almost four years since Ric joined, being one of the responsible for creating and developing the games, rigging, motion capture and creature programs. Previously, he spent six years working in California as Senior Animator , Lead Animator, Art Lead or Supervisor. During his journey as an artist, he has worked on notable projects such as Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Karateka, Thor, Rainbow Six, Aliens, and Far Cry.

Now Head of Games and Programs Director, he consults, coaches, trains, speaks and teaches at various events. Currently Richard is the Animation & Cinematic Director on Oddworld SoulStorm / Frima Studio and on an Unannounced Project at Gameloft.

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