Ted Ty

Ted has over 24 years of experience at the feature animation level. He has animated on 20 feature films, and is presently Animation Director at L' Atelier Animation in Montreal where they recently finished their first feature length film "Ballerina". His CG credits include "How to Train your Dragon 2 ", "Rise of the Guardians" and "Kung Fu Panda" among others. Before arriving at Dreamworks, he spent over 10 years at Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida doing traditional animation and worked on films such as "Mulan", "The Lion King" and "Lilo and Stitch" where he served as a Lead Animator.

He is a graduate of the CalArts Character Animation program where he was the senior animation instructor for 5 consecutive years. He has spoken around the world about animation and is also a Master Teacher and National Panelist at YoungArts Foundation as well as a regular lecturer at renowned CTN Expo.

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