Alexis Wanneroy

Alexis is currently a Supervising Animator at Dreamworks Animation Studios. He graduated top of his class from the prestigious Gobelins school in Paris, then joined Dreamworks in 2006. After working on “Flushed away”, “Bee movie” and “Kung fu panda”, due to his natural ability to develop a specific character, he quickly became the character lead animator for Fishlegs on “How to Train your Dragon” and Toothfairy on “Rise of the Guardians”. He is now working as a Supervising Animator on the movie “BOO” coming out in 2015 and has been heavily involved in all the pre-production development of the movie.

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What students have to say about Alexis

WS3 with Alexis was also amazing. He was constantly evaluating where we were, skills wise. If we kept improving he would give us the opportunity to try more difficult shots. I think this was a great motivator to complete shots on time. I also love that he held all of us accountable. There was a week when I didn’t do something that he asked of me, he held me accountable but gave me an opportunity to make up for it, and I really appreciate that. As with the rest of the instructors, seeing us(students) put in more and want to get better, he would put more in for us in return.

Farley Fite, II

I took Feature Workshop 3 from Alexis in Spring of 2016, I absolutely loved the class and learned an incredible amount. Alexis was attentive and easily pointed out areas of my animation that could be plus'd up or needed tweaking. He's one of those animators you can trust sees things you don't and your work ends up being way better for it. I would gladly take another class from Alexis and I sincerely hope to one day.

Tegan Laing