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Student Testimonial - Dusty Smith

"My experience was great! I have learned a ton. They let us figure things out and give a great mix of guidance and workflow along the way."

"I am super happy with Johnny Spinelli. I'm excited to be a part of iAnimate. I've been a listener of your podcast for a while and have been eyeballing iAnimate for a long time too, so it's good to finally be here. You do great work! It was great, and it was worth it for sure."

Dusty Smith is a 3D animator from Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, currently working at the MAKE design studio. Dusty chases the fascinating art of animation. He wants to work hard, help out, learn a lot and have fun! Happy to talk, happy to help!

Dusty took the following Creature Workshop at iAnimate:

Dusty's student demo reel

You can reach Dusty via:

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