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Creature Animation 1

Quadruped Locomotion

This introduction to the creature animation program will mainly focus on quadruped locomotion. Different workflow will be presented during this 11 weeks workshop and practice with various assignment. The goal is to make sure by the end of it you are comfortable to animate animal locomotion that is realistic and believable.

11 week access to:

  • Live & Recorded Classes
  • Extra Lectures by Jason Ryan, CineSite Animation Director.
  • Feature Rigs

​Who you learn from Matters


The goal of this first workshop is to comfortably be able to breakdown and animate basic quadruped locomotion and animate simple creature locomotion that is realistic and believable.

Week-by-Week Topic

  • Week 1 - Anatomy – Bipedal vs quadrupedal
  • Week 2 through 4 - Low and High-speed gaits (Walks and Runs)
  • Week 5 - Changing speeds
  • Week 6 - Change of direction
  • Week 7 - Jump
  • Week 8 through 9 - Climbing and non-ground based locomotion
  • Week 10 through 11 - Combine previous assignments into a sequence

Workshop Instructor

Next Workshops start July 1, 2024

Price Per Workshop: $1,698

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