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Best Animation Studios to Start your Animation Career

What are the best tools and 3d animation software used by pros and beginners? Here are our top picks listed by the industry leaders and professionals.

Many small animation studios work on big projects, and many indie studios do exceptionally well. However, top animation studios are the one that gives you room to learn, grow, and explore your creativity.

You should choose a studio that provides just enough experience to provide you with a genuine opportunity to prove yourself and grow as an animator or artist. The one studio that makes you ready to work for the best animation studios. Or, you know, go freelance!

A Career in Animation

These days, a job in animation is one of the most sought-after career options. After all, why not? A profession in animation could be the most exciting decision for today's generation, with excellent earnings, job advancement, and the possibility to express your creativity.

With films like Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, Raya and the Last Dragon, Encanto, and others gaining popularity among both children and adults, the animation industry is challenging the most prominent Hollywood production studios.

A career in animation can be defined as the skill of bringing a character or object to life. It is focused on the design, drawing, CGI character, layout, and story. It is the most incredible mix of the entertainment business and technology.

Here we guide you in picking the suitable animation studios per your needs to start your animation career. But before that, let’s take a better look at which one should you prefer more, a small indie studio or a big animation studio. This discussion primarily applies to and is limited to Features, VFX studios, Television, and Games.

Small and Indie Animation Studios

Small and indie animation studios act as great stepping stones to a career in animation. After starting as an animator for a small studio, you give yourself enough exposure to your field, familiarizing yourself with the requirements, resulting in a higher chance of landing a great opportunity later in your career.

Since only you work with a small number of people, the chances are that your work would be highly valued. You are an essential employee, and every contribution helps the company. Your opinion is heard during meetings, and more often than not, you must weigh in when a significant decision is made for the studio.

You can work in various departments; it's not limited to a single role in a small studio. The scope for learning is sky-high. Experiencing multiple responsibilities and work styles prepares you for the future. Also, there is so much room to play with your creativity – you may get the opportunity to add your personal touch to various projects. And there’s always a chance to become the driving force of an idea.

It is a chance to go beyond what you learn at school and master different skills such as rigging, motion capture, scripting, and tool creation. You may get the liberty to choose your shot, show your abilities, and work your creativity directly with a lead or senior animator. Your value depends on how much you can contribute & share the load.

Big Animation Studios

Now coming to big animation studios it’s often a dream place for many – it’s all you’ve wanted to do since you chose to become an animator. However, it also comes with several other benefits.

It is often tied to higher job security than in typical cases. Big animated film companies have multiple perks for its employees with health plans, designated hours, and defined roles. In addition, you often work with renowned artists and work on exciting projects, films and games.

There are multiple projects to work on, and you have all the exposure you need to work in the world of animation. In addition, the chance to work in games and movies which are commercial hits makes your demo reel look more impressive, and you can gain access to top talent in the animation industry.

Animation Studios to Start your Animation Career

Here are the best animation studios which may grab your attention if you’re a fan of Disney’s works. These studios may not be the most popular, but they have notable works.

  • Cartoon Saloon
  • Toei Animation
  • Illumination Entertainment
  • Studio Ponoc
  • Blue Spirit Productions
  • Aardman Animations
  • Les Armateurs
  • Magic Light Pictures
  • Pierrot
  • L'Atelier Animation Inc.
  • Mikros
  • CineSite
  • Aardman Animations

However, if you are want to be a part of a big animation studio to kickstart your career, here are the best animation studios in the world:

  • Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Pixar Animation Studios
  • Studio Ghibli
  • Dreamworks Animation
  • Nickelodeon
  • Warner Bros. Animation
  • Cartoon Network
  • Sony Pictures Animation
  • Industrial Light & Magic
  • Weta Digital
  • Reel FX
  • DNEG
  • Animal Logic


Starting your animation career with small and independent animation studios can be highly beneficial. You get to wear all kinds of hats and hone the necessary experience and learn the skills to become a more seasoned, well-rounded, and prepared Animator.

Working in a large studio is also a unique experience because you will have the opportunity to work on significant projects with a large group of people. In addition, you’ll be able to sharpen your core skills and have a lot of support & resources when needed.

You’ll be a successful animator in any studio if you master the right skills, gain experience, and learn from every step. Remember not to set limits, and look for ways to challenge or learn new talents, even if it's just a little, because every step counts.

Pushing workshops and tutorials is another way to gain skills and stay connected with your community. There is no particular plan, and you are free to learn at your own pace. If animation is your passion, listen to our podcasts.

To get your ideal job, you'll need experience and proof that you have the talents the animation studios are looking for. It may not be easy to achieve professional success, but if you surround yourself with the proper people and have the appropriate mindset, you may become a rockstar animator.

Don't spend any more time; register for upcoming workshops and take the first step toward realizing your ambition.

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