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Animation Articles

Why You're Not Landing Animation Jobs?

Discover insider tips from industry pros to land animation jobs. Learn how to stand out, reach recruiters, and get career advice. Read now for success! Animation is a competitive field, and getting animation job...

How to Find an Outstanding Animation Mentor

For a prosperous career in the animation industry, having a mentor is critical. Furthermore, an animation mentor serves as a link between your early animation days and your desired job in animation. So, if you wa...

How Online Animation School Can Be Better than College

Unlock your potential with online animation school. Flexible, industry-focused programs taught by experts. Choose your path with iAnimate. Join us here!

Animation Online Classes Animators Take

As an aspiring animator, you will have a lot of ideas swimming around in your head about the animation online classes, processes, and techniques. But, it is critical to understand what other great animators accom...

Boost Your Animator Career Through Social Media Presence

These days, starting your Animator career without social media presence is almost like a restaurant without a major marketing campaign. As we progress into the contemporary world, having a social media presence ...

Animation Career Path to be a Pro Animator

It's essential to master the fundamentals and have the right skills to start your animation career and become a great animator. Here’s how to do it! To have a successful animation career in the business, you mus...

Is the Animation Industry Really That Competitive?

The animation industry trends are becoming increasingly competitive. Here are some ideas for aspiring animators to develop a successful career in animation. The animation industry is a highly competitive sector ...

Do You Need an Animation Degree? Discover the Pros and Cons

Do you need an animation degree to become an animator? Explore and weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision to succeed in the animation industry.

Best Animation Studios to Work For: Unlock Your Dream Career

Discover the best animation studios to work for and kickstart your career in the dynamic world of animation. Find your perfect fit today!

What Is the Best 3D Animation Software? From Expert Insights

Discover the ultimate guide to choosing the best 3D animation software. Uncover top picks and expert insights. What Is the Best 3D Animation Software?

Must Learn Animation Software: Motion Builder

It can be challenging to animate characters by hand. Therefore, every animator should use animation software like Motion Builder to produce more efficiently and produce higher-quality animations.

Animation Tips to Become a Better Animator

Animation can get tricky at times. You can't be a great animator overnight! It would help if you gain animation tips from the pros and have the passion and discipline to become a great one. To become a good anim...

Animation Tips and Inspiration for Animators

Unlock your creative potential with online animation training. From beginners to pros, expert instructors provide animation tips and inspiration for animators.

Animation Career and Experiences That Matters

As the competition grows, it's essential to learn and gain experience that adds value to your animation career. Skills and knowledge are acquired by learning from the jobs, problems, and work experience we face. ...

Never be Lonely in your Animator Career

The journey should never be alone in one’s animator career outlook. The community is full of opportunities and wonderful artists. So here are some tips on what animators do to get rid of the stress and be success...

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