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Animation Podcast

Jun 27, 2024

Interview with Executive Producer Chris Wall

In episode 102 we interview Chris Wall. Chris has been in the animation industry for over 25 years, where he worked at studios like Big Idea Entertainment (VeggieTales) and DreamWorks Animation. In 2016, Chris founded the animation studio, Shining Isle Productions, and serves as Executive Producer and Showrunner of The Wingfeather Saga animated series. Working with industry veterans like Keith Lango & Ron Smith, they were able to raise $12m in capital to get the series off the ground, and have already produced two season of the critically acclaimed books the show is based from. Having been an animator on the show myself (Larry Vasquez) and talking to Chris from a production stand point, this made for a unique and insightful interview. Please listen to the end for a super cool give away!

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Show Notes:
Interviewer - Larry Vasquez

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