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Jul 29, 2021

Interview with Blizzard Animator Justin Rasch

In our 87th podcast we interview Blizzard animator, Justin Rasch. Justin has been working as a professional animator for over two decades, which has ranged from video games, to stop motion feature film, to cinematics on such IP's as World of WarCraft, Overwatch, and Hearth Stone. While at Laika, Justin put his stop motion skills to use on two of their features films, ParaNorman and Kubo. It was a treat getting to talk with Justin and hear how he uses reference, the magic and workflow of stop motion, and how that translates to CG.

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Make sure to check out Justin's TwitterInstagram, Youtube, and Tiktok pages.

Interview with Blizzard Animator Justin Rasch

Show Notes:
Interviewer - Larry Vasquez

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