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Animation Podcast

Back in 2012 we decided to invade the air waves with these podcasts and since that time, we've talked with many industry pros! We talk about animation, the industry, workflows, and wisdom through out their careers. These podcasts can also be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube. We also want your feedback on the iAnimate Podcast! Have industry questions you'd like answered? Fancy an interview with an animator you LOVE?

Latest Podcast Interview!

Interview with Animation Supervisor Jim van der Keyl

In our 69th podcast we interviewed industry veteran and iAnimate feature animation instructor, Jim van der Keyl. Jim has been in the animation industry since 1989, getting his start as an inbetweener on the Little Mermaid at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He later worked at Warner Brothers where he was nominated for an 'Annie Award' as best animator for his work on Brad Bird's 'Iron Giant'. Jim made the transition to CG animation early on during Osmosis Jones and later wor...

Previous Interviews

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Episode #57
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Episode #56
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Roundtable Interview with Animation Speakers of Promised Land
Episode #54

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