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Animation Podcast

Back in 2012 we decided to invade the air waves with these podcasts and since that time, we've talked with many industry pros! We talk about animation, the industry, workflows, and wisdom through out their careers. These podcasts can also be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube. We also want your feedback on the iAnimate Podcast! Have industry questions you'd like answered? Fancy an interview with an animator you LOVE?

Latest Podcast Interview!

Interview with ReelFX Storyboard and Layout Artist Rod Douglas

In our 85th podcast we interview Reel FX Storyboard and Layout Artist, Rod Douglas. Rod is a very talented artist with almost two decades of experience in the animation industry, dating back to 2002 at DNA Productions on such shows as "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" and "The Ant Bully." After DNA Productions, Rod went to Reel FX, where he has spent the majority of his near two decades. At Reel FX, Rod has had the opportunity to work on such shows as 'The Book...

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