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Student Testimonial - Abby Chavis

“Before I took your class at iAnimate, I wasn't sure how to successfully express my ideas or make them into some sort of story. I think when you're a newbie student, most of your effort goes into understanding how to animate at all! Studying reference, workflow, and principles had already been a huge part of my education but your class helped me take those skills to the next step.”

“I got to hone in on my creativity and make pieces that are more appealing and entertaining than I've ever made before! Thank you so much for all the lessons and wisdom you've provided. On top of all that, your classes are just super fun!”

Abby Chavis is a creative and ambitious 3D animator. Her online animation training at iAnimate has allowed her to be taught by professional animators to produce polished and appealing animation.

She took the following Feature Animation workshops at iAnimate

Abby's student demo reel

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