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How Animation Online can be better than College

People today are more familiar with animation than they have ever been. Online learning has recently come to the forefront of contemporary education, as well.

Online Animation Learning, on the other hand, offers all of the benefits that an animator needs to achieve. You only need to acquire the necessary skills through an animation workshop that you can complete at your speed and in the privacy of your own home.

How is Learning Animation Online becomes beneficial?

Compared to traditional colleges, animation online schools are more accessible and flexible. However, despite this, not every country has an animation school. As a result, international students spend a significant amount of money attending art school to learn animation. In that situation, online classes come in handy.

If you don't have the financial means to pursue your animation ambitions, you can still learn self taught free animation online or from trusted animation online schools. Furthermore, it makes no difference which reputable college you are studying animation. At the end of the day, studios and recruiters care about your skills and demo reel.

College vs. Animation Online School

Learning Animation in College / University

1. Costly

The cost of attending an animation school ranges from $40k to $150k, including living expenses, housing, tuition, and other expenses. As a result, not everyone can afford to pay that amount, and a better solution is required.

You only need to spend $6,796 to attend an online school like iAnimate, which is worth over $15,000. So, there is no need to waste your time in finding schools on animation websites because the best quality animation is now available to you at an affordable price.

We have a complete breakdown and comparison of animation online schools vs. brick and mortar schools here.

2. Animation Online Schools Offer Flexibility

Traditional animation and art schools cover a wide range of topics in the industry and measure success on grades, which are irrelevant to the animation industry.

As a result, you are bound to the curriculum and deadlines. This leaves very little or any room for exploring. So, forget about the boring traditional schools where all you get are assignments and projects. It's time to compare yourself to the competition rather than your academics.

Look for a better option!

Online animation schools give you access to industry leaders and experts. With real animation experts and mentors, you can gain knowledge from the best animation professionals, which will help you achieve your dreams of becoming an animator, or even the animators that get the best shots.

So, forget about the boring animation Colleges where it is only about grades and deadlines. Now it's time to compare yourself to the competition rather than your academics.

Several online animation schools may be able to help you by offering the best animation education. iAnimate is an animation online school leader, assisting you in becoming industry-ready. It grants you unlimited access to animation for the rest of your life. Our mentors and professors are industry experts and professionals with a total experience of more than 20 years.

Learning Animation Online in School

1. Specialization

Online schools are primarily concerned with honing your talents. You can focus on the component or specialty that you desire based on your talents and interests with them. Following the instructions, you can create a flawless demo reel. In addition, the community and pool of professional animators may provide you with comments, critique, and support.

Because of digitalization and accessibility, the animation community is significantly stronger than previously. As a result, Online Animation Learning has already been shown to be a success. You may now effortlessly modify your curriculum and learn at your leisure from the comfort of your home.

2. Professional Advantage

Online Schools provide a variety of workshops for all levels of animators, including beginners, juniors, and professionals. The timetable and learning pace are entirely up to you; iAnimate only guarantees the highest quality of learning.

You won't need to hunt for another option because iAnimate provides you with recorded classes, top-quality character rigs, and lifelong access when completing the program. As a result, the transition from student to animator is no longer difficult, and your chances of being employed are nearly 100 percent.

How to choose the right Animation Online School?

1. Time commitment

Animation Online schools like iAnimate ask you to devote just 10 hours of your week. Moreover, if you’re pursuing your dream career in animation, you need to manage and save your time to the learning process. This realization is the initial step in selecting an online animation school.

2. Skill Level

The best online school for you is determined by various factors, including whether you are a newbie, a starter, or an expert. The efforts you put in today would definitely help you in the future.

To assist you, iAnimate provides a free assessment to adapt the program to your ability level. So, we've almost completed your task; all you have to do now is enroll and begin learning.

3. Support & Interaction Level

Online schools provide various services for different students. The options are:

  • Pre-recorded classes - They have little to no interaction.
  • Real-time sessions - Provide on-time feedback and support.

Real-time sessions are not needed to be praised by everyone, but they are the necessity of the hour. Similarly, iAnimate offers live interaction and classes, as well as lifetime access to classes given that they complete our program.

iAnimate-The Best Platform for all of your animation classes

As a result of technology improvements, we see a transition away from the current educational approach. Animators are already taking online animation classes. On the other hand, enrolling in an online animation school may be really advantageous.

We at iAnimate offer flexible scheduling and an unlimited number of recorded courses to ensure that you never miss a class. In addition, there are self-taught courses available. Having a mentor, on the other hand, can help you keep on course. With iAnimate, you'll have access to some of the best instructors on the planet.


Online courses have become a popular alternative to traditional learning in recent years, with well-produced libraries of lessons available on various platforms. You can make your own animation free of stress and acquire new skills while working at your existing employment, fit the lessons into your schedule, and determine your educational path with online animation schools. On the plus side, you'll appreciate how much money you've saved compared to a typical education program.

Just remember to do your own research and opt for the perfect online school. Find out what makes them unique, how they handle animation, how long you'll need to study there, and how they can help you advance your career. Animation online classes like iAnimate, on the other hand, present you with the best of both worlds. So, get started right away!

Artilce by Richard Arroyo & iAnimate Team

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