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Is the Animation Industry Really That Competitive?

The animation industry trends are becoming increasingly competitive. Here are some ideas for aspiring animators to develop a successful career in animation.

The animation industry is a highly competitive sector with many opportunities. If you are interested in pursuing a career in it, look into what positions are available, choose one that you like, and attempt to get a sense of what it's like to work there.

Competition in the Animation Industry Today

We have quickly transitioned from a physical to an utterly digital existence. Moreover, animators are the most sought-after artists, with hundreds of games and movies regularly exhibiting their graphic abilities.

Only around half of the world's animators are employed, so that you can sense the competition. We'll go through the essential tactics for making a successful career in animation and getting your dream job.

Several online animation schools might assist you in pursuing your dream profession in animation. However, we at iAnimate, lead the way by helping you prepare for the animation industry. Our mentors and educators are industry leaders and experts with 20+ years of knowledge.

Successful animator in the animation industry

1. Level up your animation reel

The animation industry needs animators with a solid portfolio, excellent technical skills, and great teamwork and time-management abilities. As a result, you must have a professional-looking showreel and portfolio of your finest work.

Your reel should be awe-inspiring. Instead of starting with a black background and your name, start with an animated shot. Moreover, within the first minute, it should have some fantastic images.

2. Freshen up your demo reel

A demo reel is a collection of short movies in which you combine your best work. You will boost your employment chances in the animation industry by putting yourself out there and demonstrating hard work, talent, and innovation.

Your demo reel will be the only thing that matters in landing your next job. Therefore, ensure your demo reel is prominently displayed in your job applications and communications.

Acting increases your chances since it is challenging to keep up with. In addition, examine what you don't have and make an effort to get it over time. Experiment with different things to give your reel a fresh perspective.

3. Training and Certification

A degree is usually a good idea when starting the animation industry jobs. Furthermore, prospective students should enroll in as many computer illustrations, art, and animation courses as feasible.

Online animation schools are in high demand as they can accelerate your career, making this an excellent time to explore all the courses and acquire new skills. Focus on your abilities rather than the commercial side of the animation industry. Furthermore, keep your abilities up to date.

4. Invest in online courses

With iAnimate, you can master all of your animation abilities. It also aids you in understanding constraints, script expressions, and the fundamentals of being a skilled animator. We at iAnimate, in particular, specialize in Maya for animators and tailored classes for you to get started with feature films, games, and visual effects.

It is perfect for getting one-on-one assistance and teaching with the right tools. In addition, we provide a comprehensive training program to fulfill all your animation needs. It's an excellent way for new intermediate animators to sharpen their skills. Students can also supplement their education and be animation industry-recognized.

5. Look for Inspiration

Only a keen observer has the potential to be a great innovator. The gaming and animation industry demands creativity. So surrounding oneself with successful animators is the first step. After that, you must stick to the method and chart your course.

You should learn from specialists who are already in the field. You can start by listening to their podcast, lessons, success stories, and tips & techniques. This will assist you in focusing on your talents and what the animation industry requires.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to our team. We have tons of resources on different social media and feel free to ask further questions we usually try to answer in our podcasts.

6. Start with Internships

Internships, freelancing work, or anything else providing real-world experience is all excellent options. The more time and effort you put into your skill, the more likely you will succeed in the animation industry.

While working to enhance your career, you may still wish to undertake some freelancing work or volunteer for important causes. In addition, this experience may help you connect with other experts, showcase your talents, and diversify your portfolio.

Working with businesses, clients, and studios will also provide you with a network of opportunities that will be useful for the rest of your career.

Getting ahead of the competition

Many people think about becoming an animator, but only a handful work for it. So, what exactly do you have to do? First, consistency is something you should instill in yourself. You must examine your attitude and life objectives. Getting stranded is not and should never be an option.

Another crucial consideration is to become acquainted with current animation industry news and trends. Finally, you must stay up to the future of animation technology and be relevant. And the best way to do that is to put yourself in a similar environment. With iAnimate, you’ll find like-minded people, mentors, and perfect learning opportunities.


The animation industry growth rate is high, as well as the need for animators, but what differentiates successful animators is their ability to stay consistent and be creative storytellers. Depending on the path you pursue, being an animator may be a long and winding road. But if you have the passion, there’s no stopping you!

Also, If you want to be a professional animator, you should know where to join and who to learn from. While we have covered some essential elements of becoming an animator, everyone's path is unique. You can contact us to let us know how we can assist you and be successful in the animation industry.

You can check our digital animation classes' pricing and dates if you wish to apply.

Artilce by Richard Arroyo & iAnimate Team

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