Maya & Modeling Workshop 1


11-Week Class

In this 11 week workshop, we will be introducing several project based assignments to take you from Zero to Hero in 11 short weeks while exploring the entire production pipeline. We start by introducing you to the powerful Autodesk Maya toolset and quickly start modeling props from provided reference materials as well as collecting your own reference images for your own unique projects. We start with Cubic and Hard Surface models focusing on recreating the bevel and round edges these objects have. We will then move on to Cylindrical and Spherical objects and discuss strategies for each. There is a focus on Smoothing these models before render time to make them Photorealistic as well and creating low poly versions for our VR and Real-Time simulation applications (Game). Using these techniques together we can create very advanced hard surface models. Organic Modeling is next, we look at the human form and the tools for creating these models. Preparing meshes for texturing by using the UV editor is taught throughout all of these lessons and makes surfacing these models with realistic Textures and Bump Mapping possible. An Introduction to Lighting models, Animation with the Graph Editor, Rendering with Maya’s Software and Solid Angle Arnold engine, and Compositing shots ensures all students will be successful throughout their entire career here at iAnimate.net by developing a Demo reel.

Week 01: Welcome, Base Skill Quickstart, and skill assignments to teach basic tools. ( Alt assignment for Intermediate Students)

Week 02: Two Workflow based assignments to teach modeling hard surface objects with angular edges.

Week 03: Introduction to spherical and cylindrical hard surface modeling.

Week 04: Workflow example and demo using all skills to date to build our first intermediate complexity prop:

Week 05: Intro to NURBS and Organic modeling.

Week 06: Intro to Rigging: Rigging the Bouncing Ball, Control Objects, Intro to M.E.L.

Week 07: Intro to Animation, Graph Editor, Dope Sheet, Animation tools, Animating on a Path, and Animating with Constraints

Week 08: An introduction to Lighting, 1pt, 2pt, 3+pt lighting models, Global Illumination, Ambient Occlusion, Wireframe renders, Solid Angle’s Arnold Renderer

Week 09: Materials, Surfaces, and Textures. Hyper shade, Texture networks, workflows, and accessory programs 

Week 10: The Pipeline, Render Layers, Render Passes, Composting, and the final output of our projects.

Week 11: Advanced animation workflows and working with iAnimate Rigs.