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Interview with iAnimate Rigging instructor Jonah Austin

on April 02, 2013

We had the opportunity to chat and learn a little more about iAnimate Rigging instructor Jonah Austin.

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Hey Jonah, tell us about your experience on Beowulf and Benjamin Button as a technical animator and what led you to those great production.

Yeah, well first I went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I focused on experimental and traditional animation.  I took many figure drawing and anatomy classes which would be crucial later in my career. Then I moved to LA to study at Gnomon School of Visual Effects to learn Maya. Fortunately I had a great instructor, Rick Grandy, who turned me onto rigging. I had no idea what it was, but the dual technical and artistic aspects of it intrigued me. I worked hard in class and got my first job at Sony Pictures Imageworks as a technical animator (rigger). First I had to learn MEL scripting in about a week. I had very little scripting experience but the senior guys helped me a lot and I picked it up out of necessity.  While there, I was also trained in Sony's proprietary facial rigging solution. That’s when I became a facial TD on Beowulf, which was a great education in the Uncanny Valley. After that I moved to Digital Domain and work for Steve Preeg on the Curious Case of Benjamin Button for 2 years.  That was an amazing experience with amazing results. I feel like that was probably the most elegant rigging solution in production. Then I transitioned onto Tron:Legacy and rigged over 80 assets from Rinzler's digital double to giant floating rocks and everything in between.  It was on Tron that I switched from rigging to animation, it led me to land a Lead Animator position at MPC (The Moving Picture Company).

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The Art of Rigging and Animation with Jonah Austin

on December 01, 2012

We wanted to slightly change gears here for this podcast and was able to do so with some time with our new WS1 rigging instructor Jonah Austin. Jonah discuss rigging from a unique perspective due to the fact that he is also an animator. Joined in the interview is one of our Feature Animation instructors and manager of our Games division, David Hubert.

Later in the show, we talk about our recent experience at CTN, our Dec. 8th live event, and some of our upcoming podcasts. View the rest of the article (i.e. 'Continue Reading') to see some CTN pics. Our Rigging workshop page.

The Art of Rigging and Animation with Jonah Austin

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