Ben Rush

Ben has held supervisory positions as both a character technical director and an animator, at studios such as Square, DreamWorks, Google, and Digital Domain, a career spanning 23 years and 27 animated feature films. He is also writer/director of Only A Dream, a film made possible with the generous support of Ben is currently an animator Pixar Animation Studios.
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What students have to say about Ben

Ben is a one of a kind teacher! His outstanding knowledge in animation and his passion for teaching make the overall class experience amazing. He really cares about what we are doing, follows our progress and push us to the best we can do with his feedback. Never leaving questions unanswered, and really understanding the overall process, Ben makes the classes easily flow and leaves us super motivated to keep improving every week. I’m really happy I took Ben class and I look forward to have him as a teacher again!

Matias Marek

I was lucky to meet with Ben Rush when I registered workshop 5. It was the best online course that I have taken. He allows his students to study whatever they need to study and he is so supportive during the process. I can honestly say that the piece that I animated during his workshop, helped me a lot when I was applying jobs. He also stays in touch and asks how his students doing after the workshop. Thank you Ben!

Beril Pişgin

Ben is a great teacher. He is very approachable and has a wealth of experience to share, which not only made me feel comfortable when asking questions but also helped me gain the confidence needed to tackle my acting shot, which prior to Ben's class, was very daunting. His critiquing was honest but flexible. Particularly when I had a 'gut feeling' on an acting choice. His lectures were also very helpful; even as an experienced animator, there were still many things I didn't know, which Ben had picked up on over the years. All of which ended up being injected into my shot. I would highly recommend Ben to any animator seeking to gain a level up in their work.

Peter Driscoll