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Character Rigging 4

Creature Rig Creation

Beginning with a standard quadruped setup we will cover a 3-bone IK leg, a horizontal spine setup and an FK/IK switchable neck. Moving on to a bat we will learn to setup wings and claws. Last a fantasy creature will be used to demonstrate an advanced tail as well as dynamic joint chains and nCloth solvers. After completing the class students will be able to design a rig for any creature, real or imagined.​

11 week access to:

  • Live & Recorded Classes
  • Extra Lectures by Jason Ryan, CineSite Animation Director.
  • Feature Rigs

​Who you learn from Matters


When enrolling in iAnimate rigging workshop, you'll learn the art and science of building a character rig as well as the development process and pipeline used in the industry. All students will spend time practicing and recreating what was taught in class; create setup, skin a character, develop your own rigging tools, etc. Those workshop have been specifically designed for animators who wants to expand their technical knowledge, and technical animators who would like to strengthen their rigging skills.

Week-by-Week Topic

  • Week 1 - Introduction to Creature Rigging
  • Week 2 - Setting up the Quadruped Skeleton
  • Week 3 - Attaching the geometry
  • Week 4 - The Animation Controls
  • Week 5 - The Bat Skeleton
  • Week 6 - Painting the skin cluster
  • Week 7 - The Wings
  • Week 8 - Setting Up the Dragon skeleton
  • Week 9 - Painting the dragon skin weights
  • Week 10 - Rigging the advanced tail
  • Week 11 - The wings and neck

Workshop Instructor

Next Workshops start July 1, 2024

Price Per Workshop: $999

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