Tara Donovan

Animation has been Tara’s lifelong passion even before graduating from Sheridan College’s Classical Animation program more than two decades ago. Her animated journey spans many styles from Richard Williams’ meticulously hand-drawn Thief & the Cobbler to the VFX blockbuster Godzilla vs King Kong. Balancing teaching and freelancing with family life, Tara gravitated towards leadership roles, directing animation on the TV series Dot for CBC/Sprout at Industrial Brothers, directing a series of shorts for History/SyFy at Chuck Gammage Animation, and leading animation on an Ice Age short for Blue Sky at Arc Productions, Detective Pikachu at MPC and A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting at Method Studios. Tara continuously adds to her knowledge through masterclasses, workshops and self-study in skills like Life Drawing, Improv and Stage Combat. She is also an NASM-certified personal trainer, competitive powerlifter and yoga teacher. She recently joined the Montreal game studio Game On as Lead Animator for gameplay and cinematics.

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