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Back in 2012 we decided to invade the air waves with these podcasts and since that time, we've talked with many industry pros! We talk about animation, the industry, workflows, and wisdom through out their careers. These podcasts can also be found on iTunes. Please share and leave some feedback on iTunes.

the iAnimate introduction podcast

on November 09, 2012

the iAnimate introduction podcast

In an effort to keep the communication coming, we've decided to invade the air waves! We are going to start doing this thing called...wait, let me find the terminology..."podcasts". Ever heard of it? :)

There are some great animation podcasts out there already, but with all that's going here at iAnimate and the amount of talent we have available (instructors, students, and co-workers), we figured "who wouldn't like to hear more?" This one is more or less a short introduction and what we'll be doing. Please leave feedback as to some questions you'd like to ask our guest we'll be interviewing in our next podcast (you have to listen to find out who).

The characters/rigs mentioned in the podcast (from left to right) are Legion, Brick, and Billy.

Legion's turntable | Brick's turntable | Billy's turntable

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