Motion Capture Workshop 2

Crafting A Performance

11-Week Class
Crafting a performance using this powerful tool we call Motion Capture. We separated the workshop into two part; "The Reality" part covers the basic knowledge to get our Motion Capture ready and focus on the performance. The "Performance Within a Shoot" section focuses on high level concepts, workflows and how we work with stunt experts and actors during a shoot.

MOTION CAPTURE WS2 is a well rounded program looking into toolset, craft and art of motion capture editing. Our program starts with establishing a deep understanding of Motion Builder toolset and learning useful artistic practices for a comfortable workflow. From there course focuses on systematic and organized approach to motion capture editing and translates to more advanced tools and techniques. Throughout the course we make extra emphasis on artistic animation principles and their application in mocap editing process.

Week 1-2: Understanding Human IK

Human IK is a system of three rigs. Possessing an intuitive hands-on knowledge is critical and a key to fast, quality and stress-less animation in Motion Builder. In this segment we will go through in depth explanations on how to correctly work with a setup and useful exercises developed to help artists to get a quicker grasp over the rig.

Week 3 - 4: Organized editing

Motion capture comes as a package: good performance and under performance, realistic weight and timing, but also noise and retargeting errors. In this chapter we will focus on analyzing raw data and building a proper editing workflow.

Week 5 - 8: Advanced editing techniques

In this chapter we will look deeper into editing techniques and tool sets. Among others we will learn ways to connect data while preserving details and fidelity; animation baking and working with layers; planting, grips correction and constraints usage.

Week 9 - 11: Exaggeration & refinement

This chapter is aimed to refresh classic principles of exaggeration, how they transfer to motion capture based animation and overall workflow when approaching data exaggeration.