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Student Testimonial - Natalia Lichańska

"Just wanted to send one more thank you message as I have recently accepted an offer from MPC! I honestly believe that in the last year, I learned so much during your iAnimate class. Everything I have learned helped me a lot during my apprenticeship time with Technicolor, after which they offered me a job in their London studio." If I’m going to have any free time in the next months, I will definitely sign up for another iAnimate course with you since I know what a great teacher you are!"

- Natalia

Natalia recently completed Feature Workshop 3 - Advanced Body Mechanics & Pantomime Acting with Angie Jones.

Natalia Lichańska is a young, ambitious Junior Animator who has recently landed her dream job at Moving Picture Company. MPC is one of the world's leading visual effects and animation studios, and Natalia is excited to join their team. She is looking forward to applying and honing the skills that she learned from enrolling at iAnimate.

iAnimate is honored to be a part of Natalia Lichańska’s animation journey. She is a fantastic animator with a lot of talent and we are excited to see what she will achieve in the years to come. Bravo, iAnimate Team

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