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Student Testimonial - Jose Muñoz

“The biggest takeaway besides learning from pros, lectures, demos, etc., is being in what feels like a professional collaborative environment during reviews. Every instructor in iAnimate is different, but getting live feedback and interaction during reviews among your peers helps you grow and learn from your reviews and others. Watching other people's shots and your own evolve and grow week to week from feedback prepared me for what felt like a very familiar experience in a professional environment on my first job. All of that learning and experience gives you confidence, despite all of our doubts we have as an artist.”

“The reel I submitted is the most recent work I did during my games workshops that I finished in iAnimate last 2021. My older feature workshop shots gave me my first shot in the industry, and I've been working for the past 10 months thanks to everything I've learned through iAnimate.”

Jose Muñoz is a 3D character animator who works for BRON Studios. His journey at iAnimate has opened doors to many opportunities and projects. Jose always works on his improvement until he makes a great animation.

Jose took the following Workshops workshops at iAnimate

Games Animation Workshops

Feature Animation Workshops

Jose's student demo reel

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