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Voice of the Students - Katee Kim

“I ended iAnimate as an animator able to tackle and finish shots on my own.”

Why did you decide to enroll in iAnimate?

Katee: “I love animation and am so honored to pursue it as a career, but I realized that I needed to grow in my mechanics and my storytelling. iAnimate was a perfect place to grow technically more than I ever have in my life but also push my creative choices.”

What did you learn at iAnimate that helps you stand out as an artist?

Katee: “I may have learned a lot of mechanics and technical skills, but learning about acting choices is what I really valued. A shot can be beautifully done, but if the acting choices are wrong then the shot isn't impactful. I learned to really push myself when it comes to comedic timing and in conveying emotions without over-the-top acting. I have a unique perspective and voice and putting that into my acting choices is what makes me unique.”

How did iAnimate help you to evolve your animation skills as a character animator?

Katee: “I started at iAnimate with maybe a little less than basic knowledge of Maya. But I ended iAnimate as an animator able to tackle and finish shots on my own. I am an animator that now knows how to plan my shots, use reference as a tool, and follow through on a shot from blocking to polish.”

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