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Voice of the Students - Abby Chavis

“I've learned how to plan a shot and successfully express my ideas!”

Why did you decide to enroll in iAnimate?

Abby: “I was impressed with the student reels coming from iAnimate and wanted to make work that was both appealing and technically strong like I was seeing. Before I enrolled I was drowning in my workflow (or lack of one) and felt stuck. Since I started taking these workshops I've learned how to plan a shot and successfully express my ideas! Studying principles, references, and workflow in the early workshops is helping me hone in on the creative and storytelling side of things now. I'm making better work than I've ever made before and am so excited to continue learning!”

What did you learn at iAnimate that helps you stand out as an artist?

Abby: “I’ve learned my strengths and lean on them! I love to write and am driven to carry out ideas. It’s the process that I enjoy most, from collaboration and planning to animation and polish along with all of the challenges that come with it! When I have a vision I’m determined to set goals and see it through.”

How did iAnimate help you to evolve your animation skills as a character animator?

Abby: “Learning that you have to love yourself enough to plan has changed everything! Honestly, I'm not a person who can wing it and succeed. Planning has taken a lot of stress out of animating because I know I have some sort of process to lean on. This includes the basic planning of a shot like blocking and body mechanics. But also the emotional things like acting choices, hitting emotional beats, and staging. The visual choices I'm making and the reasons behind them. Learning to plan has made me a reliable animator not only in the sense of time management and meeting deadlines but made me more confident that I'll produce quality work.”

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