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iAnimate Game Student Spotlight - Olov Johansson

Our talented Game animation student, Olov Johansson, shares his thoughts on his time here as well as his animation journey. Read his write up below & watch his action packed reel.

Still being new to animation I never had the chance to talk to other animators before getting into iAnimate. It has been a great way to get to know people with a common interest and to be in an environment where people talk about animation with sincerity and intensity. It is really valuable and inspiring to have instructors that are invested and enthusiastic about animation and each students work.

I went into iAnimate hoping to further explore what animation as an art form has to offer. Even if I still have long ways to go I can with certainty say that I’ve improved as an animator and expanded my interpretation and approach to the core principles and how they can differ while working in various styles. The fact that the workshops are taken online means that you have easy access to your peers from all around the world if you wish for additional feedback. You also get access to hundreds of hours of valuable information recorded from various instructors always ready at your fingertips.

The Game Workshops have planted a lot of seeds that are already starting to sink in and I’ve got a taste of how much there is that I don’t know. Game characters should be about more than dynamic poses and accurate body mechanics. We as an audience are expecting more in the next generation of games and want real characters that feel alive and they should move with intention which displays their personality and thought process. There is a long road to get there but I think that iAnimate offers some of the right tools to get on the right track, as long as you keep putting in the effort and is prepared go outside the comfort zone. I expect it to be a continuous struggle but hopefully the journey will be as rewarding and enjoyable in the future as it has been thus far.

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