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iAnimate Game Student Spotlight - Jeff Nelson

Why did you decided to enroll into iAnimate?

My experience as a professional animator thus far has mostly been motion graphics and composting work for web and television.  About a year ago I started looking for avenues within animation that were more aligned with my interests and in the end more rewarding. Deep down I always knew that was games but I wasn’t sure how to pursue that goal. Lucky for me I met someone in the iAnimate Feature Workshops and learned about the Gaming Workshops.  After seeing her stunning iAnimate work I decided to browse the website and was blown away.  The beautiful character rigs, amazing showreels and the quality of instructors sold me.

Did you enjoy your time at iAnimate?

From the very first class I knew I had made the right choice.  Learning under industry pros and being in a virtual classroom with other talented animators from all over the world was a rewarding experience. I enjoyed my time at iAnimate because every lesson, assignment and critique made feel closer and more prepared for my goal.

Did it help you to evolve as an animator?

Definitely.  After completing my workshops I noticed an improvement in my animation abilities and all my artistic endeavors.  Since I started at iAnimate I not only have a better grasp of character animation and how to apply it to games, but I have a new mindset towards art as a whole.  At the same time, I’ve realized how far I have to go, and that excites me.  

Who were your instructors?

My instructors were Kevin Rucker and Richard Arroyo.  Kevin is an animator to the core and the man who introduced me to the world of game animation.  He has an encyclopedic knowledge of animation and doesn’t hold any of it back.  I will remember the lessons and fundamentals I learned from him for the rest of my life.  Ric is an animation director/powerhouse and the type of mentor I needed.  He pushed my abilities to the extreme and made me think about animation and entertainment as a whole in ways I never would have without him.  If I am ever unhappy with an animation, I whisper to myself “show me some love” and rework it until it’s dope.  

And what about online education?

iAnimate was my first experience with online courses and I loved it.  The ability to re-watch all the lectures and critiques was a godsend for me.  

Anything else you want to add?

I just want to thank my instructors and everyone at iAnimate for making this school happen.  A year ago I was at a roadblock with my career and unsure of my potential.  Now I am confident in my skills and feel more prepared than ever for what lies ahead.

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