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iAnimate Feature Student Spotlight - Chris McCormick

I just started a new job at Blizzard Entertainment, in their cinematics department. It's incredible so far, and I'm always sure to give iAnimate a lot of credit for where I am. I'd be happy to answer your questions.

iA: Did you get your dream job after taking our workshops?

Yes! Two months after completing my final workshop, I was selected for the Pixar summer animation internship, which was my first industry job.

iA: Did you improve on the animation job you already had?

Before the internship and while attending iAnimate, I was working as a renderer in the automotive industry. My internship after graduating was my entry into the animation industry.

iA: Did you get your first job as an animator?

See above.

iA: What part did iAnimate play in these results?

A huge part! My 4-year university didn't prepare me for the animation industry at all. Two years at iA and I was almost instantly in the door at Pixar. That wouldn't have happened without iAnimate, and I wouldn't be at Blizzard now. I owe you guys so much for preparing me for these opportunities.

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