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iAnimate Feature Student Spotlight - Alaa Afifah

Our very talented Feature animation student, Alaa Afifah, shares his thoughts on his time at iAnimate as well as his animation journey. Read his write up below & watch his very entertaining acting chops in his reel.

iA: What is the biggest thing you took away from your time at iAnimate?
Mmmmm I would say there are too many things, but the main thing that I took away with me was to learn how to observe and understanding animation on my own. Because the tools and the criticism that I had been given by my instructors, has given me all that I need to continue my career on my own.

iA: What is the most surprising thing you have learned while in the "studio life"?
I would say every new project I get to learn something new, there is always a challenge to get the idea across. But the greatest thing I have acquired is Speed!

iA: What part of the animation process do you enjoy the most?
Polishing. I always love to polish my shot as much as I can after making sure that it has been blocked out and planned properly. I love those tiny details which you can feel but not see.

iA: What part of the animation process do you still find to be a struggle?
To be honest I feel every part of animation is a struggle, because there is really no repetitive kind of actions or recycling. Animators always have to do every thing from scratch over and and over again but it really worth it. :)

iA: What was the biggest hurdle for you when first learning to be an animator?
I have to confess my hurdle started a long time ago before iAnimate, when I got into acting. It took me years to understand the difference between good and bad acting. As acting is one of those thing that you keep perfecting in every show.

iA: What is it like getting used to living in a new city/country?
It's always difficult at the beginning but soon enough I got used to it, and it's definitely full of new experience and challenges which made me to grow stronger as a person and acquire more knowledge along with getting in touch with different people from all over the world.

iA: Do you feel like you have wisdom to share with aspiring animators?
Here let me quote from Jason Ryan as he said in his lectures "always immerse yourself in animation." I think animation is one of the hardest art form, yet the most entertaining one. But it does require lots of patience and hard working. Always keep for your self a target objective of any kind to get there. There is nothing impossible, but the truth is that you have to give so much in order to gain a little.

iA: Where would you like this career to take you?
The utmost satisfaction for me is being able to deliver a final result where the audience can feel the characters in their various emotions. That's what I will keep trying to do for the rest of life. The reason why I'm doing it is simply because I love it.

iA: How has your workflow changed, let's say in the last year?
Actually it has changed just a little. I started seeing animation in different ways, simplifying it more, and trying to break it down to it's origin.

iA: What is the best thing about iAnimate?
The Exposure to professional instructors and the connection with the peers. The students and the instructors are very supportive and always pushing me forward. The idea of people from all over the world sharing a common passion for animation is a great thing.

iA: Would you recommend iAnimate to other students wanting to learn animation?
Sure thing! I would say iAnimate is one of the best places for students and for animator who are already working in the industry and have experience to push their skills and their understanding of animation further.

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