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Must Learn Animation Software: Motion Builder

It can be challenging to animate characters by hand. Therefore, every animator should use animation software like Motion Builder to produce more efficiently and produce higher-quality animations.

Motion Capture is the process of recording how an actor moves in real life so that they can be recreated in animation. The actors wear special suits with sensors, then tracked by computers and translated into movement on-screen.

Animators can use one of the best animation software, MotionBuilder, to capture actors and create an animation sequence that looks natural. It is a 3D animation and motion graphics software that Autodesk created, and it can animate characters in video games, movies, and TV shows.

So, where do we embark on this journey? Learning the necessary skills will allow you to pursue your dreams of working in the film industry, animating movies, or creating video games.

iAnimate supports your animation software and provides top-notch courses taught by some of the best animators in the world. These courses allow students to learn from expert professors and industry professionals who have already spent years working in their dream jobs.

Why you need to learn Motion Builder

1. Animation Software expertise in high demand

MotionBuilder is a 3D animation software used for VFX, Games, TV Series, and commercials. It provides you with all the tools required to make any animation. From animated promos to video games, Motion Builder has everything covered.

It's not just somewhat limited to the entertainment industry either! Motion Builder has been used by major companies like Ford Motors and Coca-Cola in their advertisements in a big way.

Since it covers a relatively wide range of industries, it is a skill that employers seek to find in every animator, or so they thought.

2. More than data cleaning, Animator needs to push the emotion and story.

You must master the art of storytelling as an animator. You can begin by building the story's central premise and then add layers around it. You'll be able to weave all the elements of the narration together once you've established a notion.

You can only construct a tale around what your target audience expects from your work if you know what they expect. Therefore, it would be ideal if you sought to comprehend your story's pain points.

Animation software like Motion Builder was created to make it easier for you to create engaging videos. The learning curve is relatively easy, and the software is straightforward. You can create 2D and 3D content in just a few minutes.

With that being said, it’s not animation software for total novices. If you’re entirely new to creating video content, you’ll probably want to look into other paid or free animation software options.

3. Before working on animation software, let's focus on crafting and storytelling.

It is your role as an animator to bring the characters to life. What motivates your character, and where do you want to see them in the future. Adding emotions to your characters might help to express the plot. You should concentrate on the feelings that motivate your animation.

The most important thing to remember while creating stories is that you should never kind of go overboard, which is pretty significant.

It would be beneficial if you followed the philosophy of less is more and tried to make things simple, humorous, and entertaining for the audience subtly.

Creating animations using the animation software mentioned above is a lot of work. You have to draw every frame, set the timing for each one, and make sure that they flow naturally from one to the next. All of this is very time-consuming and requires a lot of patience.

However, with animation software like MotionBuilder, you can easily create better animations than you could ever make on your own. Not only that, but it’s also more accessible than ever.

There’s a reason that these types of animation software are so common in the market - they make it unbelievably easy for non-designers to create engaging video content.

Creating engaging videos is only half of the battle. You have to make sure that they have a compelling story and are well-crafted. Badly animated videos with lousy sounds aren’t cut in today’s competitive online content market.

4. Future animation software, everyone from home can do it.

As the popularity of mobile devices grows, so does the demand for mobile-friendly websites and applications. This, in turn, actually leads to an increase in the need for mobile video creation software, which is quite significant.

MotionBuilder is the perfect solution to meet this demand, not only as animation software for pc as it’s completely mobile-friendly. What’s more, it works equally well on both Android and iOS devices. So you can now hone your skills while studying your animation software from experts at iAnimate from the convenience of your own home.

We match artists like you with 3D animation software experts who have worked for companies like Pixar, Sony Pictures Animation, and DreamWorks Animation. They provide real-time feedback on your work, and these sessions are videotaped so you may review them afterward.

Pros Animation Software: Motion Builder

Motion Builder has come a long way in providing animation-based experiences for audiences that the pros have used. Animation is how motion and gesture are recreated digitally or computer-generated to look natural on screen.

Motion Builder allows you to create realistic animations with outstanding capabilities. Without animators, these features would not be possible.

Create shots that last and bring your animations to the next level for all intents and purposes by learning animation software for beginners or junior animators. Learn Motion Capture in MotionBuilder.

Keep in mind that learning never stops, even if you think you've perfected the art of animation, which essentially is quite significant.

It may be difficult to achieve professional success, but if you surround yourself with the proper people and have the appropriate mindset, you may become a rockstar animator. Don't spend any more time; register for the upcoming sessions and take the first step toward realizing your ambition.

Artilce by Richard Arroyo & iAnimate Team

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