Manuel Aparicio

Manuel Aparicio has been in the animation industry for over 19 years. After finishing his roll as an animator on Moana and Zootopia at Disney Feature animation, He got hired on as Head of Animation on a feature project at Huhu Studios in New Zealand. Before that Manuel worked at Dreamworks Feature Animation, working on such films as: "How To Train Your Dragons 2", "Kung Fu Panda 1, 2, 3", "Me and My Shadow", "Shrek 4", "Madagascar 2", and "Sharktale".

After graduating high school, he was accepted to "Cal Arts School of Animation" in 1997 where upon shortly after graduation getting his first position in the industry at Sony Pictures Animation. He is also a traditional artist, painter, and muralist and enjoys working in those mediums in his free time. He is currently teaching in our feature animation workshop 3 classes.

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What students have to say about Manuel

First I really want to thank Manuel for his teaching, I think he is one of the best animation teacher I had. I really learned a lot from him.

Xinwei Song

I enjoyed Workshop 3 and having Manuel as an instructor. This was my first time doing an iAnimate workshop or even doing an online class of any type for that matter. The assignments were definitely challenging but fun. It's gotten me thinking more in the mindset of film like story, character, and camera angles. Awesome class. I feel like am I getting exactly what I need out of the iAnimate.

Warren Seeley