Jamaal Bradley

Jamaal began his animation career at a small commercial studio in Atlanta, GA. (Wild Hare Studios). Working as a 2D animator for a year, he quickly found out that the business of animation was changing rapidly. By jumping onto the computer, he was able to apply his fine art and 2D animation background to 3D animation. Over the past 10 years Jamaal has worked as a feature film and video game animator, storyboard artist, and director. He was privileged to work with Glen Keane as an animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios on 'Tangled' and currently is a Supervising Animator at DreamWorks.

Some of the other projects he has had the pleasure of working on include the Oscar Nominated Surfs Up and Monster House as well Sony Animations first CG feature; Open Season. Jamaal made a small step into directing working at the critically acclaimed video game studio 'Valve'. He also runs the well known website Pencil Test Depot in an effort to bring the raw state of 2D animation as a resource to enthusiasts and fans around the world.

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