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Angie Jones

Angie is Animation Lead at the Mill VFX studio leading teams of animators to create real-time visual effects, Animation, moving images, design, experiential, and digital projects for the episodic trailers, commercials, games, film, and music industries. She is an award-winning character animator and team leader with over 20 years of experience and credits, including Oscar-winning movies, a Clio, and one Visual Effects Society award. She enjoys moving between the "sweet and endearing" and the "evil and deadly." Angie is known for her flexibility in creating photo-realistic and cartoony animation performances and versatility in character/creature work animation styles. As an animation supervisor, lead, and animator Angie has contributed to film productions like Avatar 2, FORTNITE, Valorant, Stuart Little 2, The SMURFS, Pan'S Labyrinth, XMEN 2, Freddy VS Jason, Garfield, Scooby Doo 2, The Cave, Zoom Academy, The Hitcher, and National Treasure and Books of Secrets. In addition, Angie has worked on video games like RED Dead Redemption, Oddworld's Exodus, and Dino Crises. She has managed a project's life cycle from ideation to launch.

Angie has also written three books on animation and taught at University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, CG Spectrum School of Animation and VFX, and Gnomon School of VFX over the past 15 years. Her most recent animation book is called Thinking Animation and she routinely post articles, inspiration and resources on her popular animation blog ( You can find out more about Angie at (

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