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Feature Workshop 3

Advanced Body Mechanics and Pantomime Acting

We will be fine tuning your Advanced Body Mechanics, overlapping actions, and acting through pantomime. In the second half of the workshop you will be dealing with intense physical action shots dealing with Weight pushes, pulls and lifts. Then working on your animation across cuts so that they are seamless and believable.

11 week access to:

  • Live & Recorded Classes
  • Extra Lectures by Jason Ryan, CineSite Animation Director.
  • Feature Rigs

Who you learn from Matters

​Become a 3D Character Animator

  1. Remove any doubts and struggle from your animation journey by mastering all the animation tools you will need as a professional animator.
  2. Learn how the professional tackles a problem, the tools and methods used at the top studio with our Maya course that is focused on: Introduction to Maya, Core Fundamentals, and Essential Animation Tools.
  3. Accelerate your career with a strong foundation that will bring your characters to life. Our approach prepares you for the reality of the animation industry and helps beginners get started on the right foot. With the guidance of our instructor and program, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed as an animator.

Week-by-Week Topic

  • Week 1 - Blocking
  • Week 2 - Using reference for key posing and when to move away
  • Week 3 - Combining actions
  • Week 4 - Rhythm in Motion
  • Week 5 - Embellishment
  • Week 6 - Themes
  • Week 7 - Expression
  • Week 8 - Head tracking and body readability
  • Week 9 - Design in motion
  • Week 10 - Thinking ahead
  • Week 11 - Animation Deep Dive

Workshop Instructor

Next Workshops start July 1, 2024

Price Per Workshop: $1,698

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